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Cost of Bonded T1 vs. Fractional DS3:

For businesses that need bandwidth speeds in the 3mbps to 12 mbps range, bonded T1 can be much more cost effective than fractional DS3. Bonded T1 is provided in increments of 1.5 mbps and is available from 2 bonded T1 circuits (3 mbps) up to 8 bonded T1 circuits (12 mbps). Fractional DS3 is available in speeds from 3 mbps up to 42 mbps. For example, for a fractional DS3 circuit of 3 mbps, you can pay $1200 or more per month (depending on your location). For a bonded T1 circuit of 3 mbps, you can pay as little as $600 per month or less (again, depending on your location). If your bandwidth requirements exceed 12 mbps preferred options may be fractional DS3, burstable DS3, full Ds3 or Ethernet.  

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