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                                                            Bonded DS1 Bandwidth

Bonded DS1 is an excellent option for the business which must increase its bandwidth beyond one DS1 (1.5Mbps), but does not need a full DS3/T3 (45Mbps). Bonded DS1s allow incremental growth (the addition of one DS1 at a time, as needed), more efficient budgeting (the jump from a DS1 to a DS3 increases monthly costs by thousands of dollars), the elimination of months of waiting while a DS3 line is installed to your premises, and the thousands of dollars it would cost to install a line for DS3. If your bandwidth needs exceed 12 Mbps, then fractional DS3, burstable t3 (same as burstable DS3), or full t3 (DS3) could be more efficient options, depending on your bandwidth usage patterns. 

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